5 Star and Wendy’s present 4 For Schools

5 Star Sports and Wendy’s is introducing a new program that will greatly assist schools with travel meals.  The program called “4 For Schools” will give all traveling groups from schools the opportunity to purchase travel meals for as low as $4.00 (tax included) per student.  Schools may set up meals with a single phone call, text, email, or fax or they may order online from the 4 For Schools website www.4forschools.com.

The 4 for Schools program will:

  • Greatly simplify the ordering process by providing a single contact point
  • Give schools a “paper trail” for book keeping purposes
  • Make budgeting more precise and predictable
  • Allow schools to make arrangements quickly when necessary
  • Provide students with various menu choices
  • Save schools 20% to 30% on their travel meal costs.

The Power of Numbers

4 For Schools will be the first program of its kind in the nation. A strong participation by schools nationally will send a message to other school service providers that initiatives which economically benefit schools can be great for business and could lead to more opportunities of this kind.

We are excited about the future of 4 for Schools and we look forward to partnering with you through this program.

For More Information:

Dick Johnson
5 Star Sports

(479) 435-1433